What to sell on Amazon: What Products Sell the Best on Amazon?


what to sell on amazon

With the advancement of e-commerce, it is now one of the most popular business ideas. So even though Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce platform, those interested in doing e-commerce conduct research on what products sell the best. This article can serve as a resource for you while you decide which products to sell on Amazon and can help you clarify some of your own beliefs.

Amazon is an excellent place to launch your e-commerce venture. It has roughly 400 million innovative products. Having so many options for sellers to choose which products to sell can be confusing. New sellers, as well as seasoned sellers, spend a significant amount of time sorting through this diverse market and determining the best product and category to devote their time and effort to. 

Selling on Amazon provides many advantages to sellers, such as the ability to generate more sales than they would through other channels. The following staggering figures demonstrate Amazon’s popularity with customers:

Amazon Statistics

  • Amazon has over 300 million customers worldwide.
  • Amazon.com receives approximately 2.7 billion visits per month.
  • In 2019, there were approximately 66.4 million households in the United States that had an Amazon Prime subscription. By 2022, this figure is expected to rise to 76.6 million households.
  • The online retailer received 78 out of 100 ASCI points for customer satisfaction.

In addition to all of these factors that make e-commerce platforms appealing to sellers, Amazon can make all sales processes even easier for sellers with a system known as Amazon FBA. Amazon FBA is a service that was created in 2006 to help Amazon FBA sellers with warehousing and logistics. You simply need to ship your products to Amazon warehouses. You will be responsible for all remaining storage, packaging, shipping, and returns. There are also some advantages that distinguish Amazon fba sellers from other sellers. Some of them are as follows:

  • Amazon FBA sellers can expect high-quality logistics and shipping services.
  • They can benefit from lower shipping costs.
  • They are not required to deal with returns.
  • They offer unlimited storage space at reasonable prices.
  • They can provide premium services to their customers and transportation to many of the company’s warehouse centers.

So how can we improve sales and differentiate ourselves by promoting the products we sell in our shop and on Amazon, a well-known e-commerce platform? Let’s explore it in depth.

How to Find the Best Selling Items on Amazon

Choosing what to sell is a process that requires you to make a decision based on data gleaned from extensive research. As a result, the most important thing to remember is that this research is not a one-day job. There are several methods for determining the best selling products on Amazon. This product research’s derivatives may evolve over time as consumer behavior changes on a daily basis. A product research that can benefit your business not only today but also in the future should be broad and include all of these methods.

Let’s remind you that you don’t have to sell the products in the top 100 when reviewing the best selling products. Even products in the top 1000 or 10,000 can bring profit to your store.

The Amazon Best Seller Lists

You can visit the Amazon Best Sellers page to see the website’s most well-liked products instantly. The most recent information is added hourly to the list, which is based on sales volume. It is organized by category so you can see the best selling products in each Amazon category.  The methodology used to determine the Amazon Best Sellers is based on Amazon sales, and it is updated hourly to incorporate both recent and previous sales of each item sold on Amazon. There are several elements that go into it, such as:

  • Both recent and previous sales
  • Promotions and adjustments to product prices
  • Contrasting products

When they first begin selling on Amazon, a lot of new sellers get the distinction between Amazon Best Sellers Rank and organic ranking wrong. When a product ranks organically for a specific term, it appears on Amazon listings search engine results pages (SERP). Meanwhile, the Amazon Best Sellers Rank is great for determining how frequently a specific product sells each month.

However, keep in mind the following when using Amazon’s best seller lists:

  • Products found on the best sellers page can be extremely competitive: after all, every seller has access to this data.
  • Sales of specific products may be declining, which means you could enter just as the product becomes less popular.
  • Some of the best selling products may not have high profit margins.
  • Nonetheless, we encourage you to pay attention to what sells well and is popular.

AMZScout Product Database

AMZScout is a great suite of tools that takes the guesswork and hard work out of finding winning products and reaching profitability on Amazon in a matter of months or less. It begins by laying the foundation for HOW to become profitable. Then, it will assist you in locating high-profit products, optimizing your listings for increased sales. You can use the AMZScout Product Database to search Amazon’s database using 44 different filters. Using these criteria, you may find the best items. It would be easier for you to find such things if you use product research tools.

These resources would serve as the;

Product Tracker, Quick View Extension, Product Database, and PRO Extension.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is a popular Amazon research tool used by popular Amazon sellers that assists you in making informed decisions about what to sell on Amazon. It accomplishes this by utilizing key metrics from Amazon. Greg Mercer created the app, which went viral back in 2015. Jungle Scout has since gained over 220,000 users worldwide. The app includes a plethora of tools for sellers to analyze the market, such as an extensive keyword scout feature, an opportunity score, and an average price calculator, to name a few.

These tools would serve as the;

The Product Database, Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, Category Trends, Supplier Database,Keyword Research,Listing Builder,Rank Tracker.

When examining which products and categories to best sell, you can use this app’s category trends feature. Category trends are based on historical product and category ranking data. Jungle Scout will list the top 100 products for further analysis after you select a category or subcategory. This app also lists the top 10,000 sold products to its users. You can find this list here.

Best Amazon Categories to Sell

These are the top categories with the highest percentage of sellers selling products in them, according to Jungle Scout’s 2022 State of the Amazon Seller Report.

  1. Home & Kitchen – 32%
  2.  Beauty & Personal Care – 23%
  3. Toys & Games – 20%
  4. Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry – 18%
  5. Health, Household & Baby Care – 17%
  6. Sports & Outdoors – 16%
  7. Arts, Crafts & Sewing – 15%
  8. Books – 15%
  9. Kitchen & Dining – 14%
  10. Baby – 14%
  11. Electronics – 14%
  12. Tools & Home Improvement – 13%
  13.  Pet Supplies – 13%
  14. Office Products – 12%
  15. Garden & Outdoor – 12%
  16. Grocery & Gourmet Food – 10%
  17. Appliances – 8%
  18. Cell Phone & Accessories – 8%
  19. Automotive Parts & Accessories – 7%
  20. Handmade – 6%

Your first concern with the best categories list should be how you may access the middle market where there is fierce rivalry and by spending more money on advertising around these bestsellers. Your profit may be drastically reduced in this circumstance. Making sure your products stand out from the crowd will help you compete with other companies in this market if you choose to do so. It’s crucial to keep in mind that products in these most sought-after categories will face competition from Amazon listing and Amazon Essentials, which are probably cheaper and distinctive from other items.

How to Decide What to Sell on Amazon

If you want to sell a specific product, read Amazon listing reviews and keep the following points in mind: What items are people raving about? Look for dissatisfied customers with a specific product. Use the complaints to improve your potential product. When you read Amazon reviews, you’ll get a firsthand look at what people like and dislike about a product. You can use that information to decide what products to sell and whether you should make any changes to the product you intend to sell.

Here are some things to keep in mind after going over all the suggestions.

  • Don’t forget to Research Trending Topics on Google Trends: When selling on Amazon, researching trending topics on Google can help you narrow down your options to products that will sell quickly. It makes no difference what niche you want to target for your Amazon product. Looking at the most recent Google Trends will give you an idea of the best sellers in a variety of categories.
  • Don’t forget to Browse Amazon Listings with Chrome Extension: Amazon sellers use a variety of Google Chrome extensions to research products and determine how well they will sell on Amazon. The following are some of the best Chrome extensions: Jungle Scout, Unicorn Smasher, AMZScout Pro,  SellerApp, Helium 10, AMZ Base, AmazeOwl.
  • Don’t Forget to Review Product Search Volumes: You may get a clear and accurate image of what things people are looking for online and what you should start selling on Amazon by comparing the search volumes of both Amazon and Google.
  • Don’t forget to Review Keyword Difficulty: When deciding on your products, don’t forget to consider the keyword competition rate among potential products. This intense competition highlights the fact that there is a large demand for goods and services, which implies that you will have to put in more effort.

What to sell on Amazon: What Products Sell the Best on Amazon?

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